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Schabrackentapir [Tapirus indicus]

About this Site

This is the website of a Pubquiz Team named Mostly Harmless. It has nothing to do with Douglas Adams, the TU Graz Mostly Harmless RoboCup Team or any other groups, persons or objects with the same name.

The Pubquiz we take part is every Tuesday in the Office Pub in Graz, Austria. All questions and ideas that have to do with the quiz belong to the Office Pub and their great Staff.

This website was created and is maintained by Tobias Gritschacher. If you want to contact the webmaster please use the contact-link below.

The Tapir-picture on this website is from and there published under the terms of the
GNU Free Documentation License.

For further information about this website please contact the webmaster by using the contact-link below.

Tobias Gritschacher
Graz, 2007-03-14